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The Mother of all Days

Some of us are blessed with creativity, some are mathematically gifted, there are those that are athletic and some that have the gift of gab.  The one thing that almost each of us share, is the fact that these gifts…

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Tax Time

It sends shivers down most peoples spines: Income Taxes. That time when we must account for our actions of the prior year in financial terms. When Big Brother seeks to evaluate and judge all that we do and reward or…

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Luck of the Irish:

There are many theories of where the term “the luck of the Irish” came from.  One such perception is that it was derived here in America to describe the Irish immigrants who found fortune during the gold and silver rush,…

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What is Love?

    The age-old question…what is love?  The answers are endless, the love of certain foods, or traveling, or physical activities.  It can be deeper and more meaningful, like the love of a mother for her child, unbreakable, the love…

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Sugar Plum Fairies;

  It is an image that was thought of as ‘creative’ and ‘unique’ when Clement Clark Moore first put quill to ink to pen “A visit from St. Nicholas”; better known today as “Twas the Night before Christmas”. So, unique…

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This was a year of transformation and growth for the Elite team.  We are blessed with amazing working relationships, old and new friendships and proud of the outstanding results for our clients. This November, we are thankful for the opportunity…

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The Stressful Selection: The Art of Pumpkin Picking

It has been a traditional ceremony taking place each October since the early 1800’s.  One that requires much consideration throughout the entire process. How early should one start? Where to look for the best option? What to do with it…

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How to get to the playoffs

We are now 3 weeks into the NFL season.  Diehard fans are either pulling out their hair and sobbing into their team jersey, or they are celebrating and looking for tickets to the Super Bowl.  The thing is, it’s only…

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The Benefits of a Good Education

There is nothing more gratifying than that moment where your house and routine become quiet and stable again, when the kids go back to school. Besides the school shopping for the freshest new kicks, for most children this is the…

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Holiday Happiness for Advertisers

Holiday Advertising

It’s August, the sweltering heat reaches over 100 degrees in most cities, and visions of Sugar Plum Fairies are dancing in creatives heads.  Wait, what??  The complaints by consumers over how early holiday marketing begins, continues to grow, however it…

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