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The Benefits of a Good Education

The Benefits of a Good Education

There is nothing more gratifying than that moment where your house and routine become quiet and stable again, when the kids go back to school. Besides the school shopping for the freshest new kicks, for most children this is the worst time of the year. Their ability to sleep-in, stay up late, have sleepovers on a Tuesday night and chill at the beach or the pool all day is GONE.  What replaces it is structure and the time to learn, what replaces it we hope is a good education.

Everyone has those memories of taking a certain class and saying “when am I going to use this?”  You find out sooner or later that at least some portion of the class sticks with you and gives you skills to benefit your situation one way or another.  Addition and subtraction was the stepping stone of our early schooling.  These simple proficiencies certainly are ingrained in the thoughts and processes of advertisers everywhere.  Adding value to a brand yet subtracting unwanted additional costs has been a strategy since the beginning of budgets.

What are the tools to accomplish this? One such instrument is learning how to be awarded or incentivized for knowing where to bring your productions, ADDING sometimes 100% of the production budget back into your marketing dollars.  SUBTRACTING thousands of dollars from the bottom line. There are great programs throughout the country that offer such opportunities, Elite CIS is the teacher that will educate your team on the ins and outs of these opportunities.  This is a GOOD education, and this is the class you will never have to wonder “when am I going to use this?”.

Next time on your commute, sitting behind that big yellow bus, think of the education that you can have that benefits your brands budgets.  Think of Elite.