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How to get to the playoffs

How to get to the playoffs

We are now 3 weeks into the NFL season.  Diehard fans are either pulling out their hair and sobbing into their team jersey, or they are celebrating and looking for tickets to the Super Bowl.  The thing is, it’s only 3 weeks in.  In the NFL records can change dramatically by the time the playoffs come around, some teams will be out way before that happens, only twelve teams will make it that far, and as we all know, only one gets the trophy.

What are the factors that propel teams to the playoffs and beyond?? Guidance and teamwork. Same principles that make a company strong, give commercials a creative edge, bring profitability back to the brands.  Guidance and teamwork.  Elite provides that guidance to advertisers and their agencies on how to capture commercial production tax incentives throughout the country, bringing those dollars back to the brands.  We work as a team, with the advertisers, the agencies, the production companies and post houses, the CPA’s and the film offices to ensure that all costs are accounted for and are qualified.  Elite supports each player on the team to get to the playoffs and beyond, to get to the final trophy, money back to your brand.

Much like a football season, your opportunity to enjoy the benefits of commercial tax incentives, can change dramatically.  Let Elite guide you and work with your team to get you that trophy.  Only one way to the playoffs and beyond.  Guidance and teamwork.