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Luck of the Irish:

Luck of the Irish:

There are many theories of where the term “the luck of the Irish” came from.  One such perception is that it was derived here in America to describe the Irish immigrants who found fortune during the gold and silver rush, who found their “pot of gold”.  As children we are introduced to the story of the fleeting and enigmatic Leprechaun.  A small man in stature that possesses this pot of gold.  He is hard to find, harder to capture, and once in your grasp will disappear if you take your eyes off him for even one second.

As adults, we have come to learn that the Leprechaun is just a myth, however our pot of gold is anything but.  It can come in many forms, typically in the monetary fashion.  A lottery windfall, an inheritance or a raise or bonus at work.  It can even come in the form of a production tax incentive, a pot of gold back to your brand.

Elite has found the proverbial Leprechaun.  We know how to find these incentives, we know how to capture your production spend to maximize your return, and we don’t take our eyes off the prize until all of the work is done and the incentive is monetized and in your account.

This St. Patrick’s Day, and all year long, “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night”, and may you have the good fortune of having Elite guide you to your pot of gold.