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The Stressful Selection: The Art of Pumpkin Picking

The Stressful Selection: The Art of Pumpkin Picking

It has been a traditional ceremony taking place each October since the early 1800’s.  One that requires much consideration throughout the entire process. How early should one start? Where to look for the best option? What to do with it when once you have taken those first steps?

The art of Pumpkin Picking can be serious business. The first step is deciding when you should start looking for it.  Much like commercial incentives, the answer to this is as soon as possible.  You may not carve this pumpkin into its final form until weeks later, but having the pumpkin early on will help you determine what you will make out of it.  Like commercial incentives, knowing what you can get back to your brand early on, can help in the creation of your project.

The second step is where to look for the best option.  Some folks just grab the first one they see at their local supermarket.  Others look for the quality and the cultivation of the pumpkin and the farms and “patches” that have the most experience, and that treat your tradition with as much importance as you do.  This is where you find your perfect pumpkin…the one that looks you in the face and gives you ideas of how this pumpkin can ultimately look.

Once you have the pumpkin home, the thoughts and questions starting flooding in.  When should you carve it? Do you have the right tools? Is there a number to call or an email to reach out to someone and get the answers? How will this pumpkin look when you are done?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a number, nor email to help you decide on where to look for your pumpkin, what tools you need, or how it will make your front steps look.

Thank goodness commercial incentives aren’t as stressful!

This October, and every other month as well, you can pick up the phone or send an email and the Elite team will be there to answer every single question you have about commercial incentives and how they can benefit you or your clients.  We are that pumpkin patch of commercial incentives that treats your project with as much seriousness and commitment as you do.  We can show you when you need them, where to find them, and how they will make your budget look when it is done.  We know you have other things to stress about.

This October leave the stress for pumpkin picking.