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Sugar Plum Fairies;

Sugar Plum Fairies;


It is an image that was thought of as ‘creative’ and ‘unique’ when Clement Clark Moore first put quill to ink to pen “A visit from St. Nicholas”; better known today as “Twas the Night before Christmas”. So, unique in fact that he wrote it anonymously.   Today, every piece of marketing strives to be unique.  Agencies are challenged to create real life sugar-plum fairies (or virtual ones) or something even more spectacular for their clients.

Bringing these visions to life is only thwarted by the costs it takes to make them a reality.  What if St. Nick could magically bring additional funding in his bag of treats?  Where might ‘the Night’ have gone with those extra dollars?

Magic does happen, but it doesn’t take St. Nick, or belief in Sugar Plum Fairies, or even Christmas.  It just takes a conversation with the Elite team to find out what kind of incentive “gift” your brand can receive, this holiday season, and all year long.  Every project has the potential to be on the “nice” list and be given the opportunity to make visions become reality.

This Holiday Season and all year long, this is our gift to you. We are so grateful for each of our clients as we end a wonderful year and look forward to the beginning of another.  We would love to add you to our gift giving list in the New Year, and wish for continued friendship and growth with those already on it.


To all –  a Very Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Beautiful and Bright New Year!