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Tax Time

Tax Time

It sends shivers down most peoples spines: Income Taxes. That time when we must account for our actions of the prior year in financial terms. When Big Brother seeks to evaluate and judge all that we do and reward or penalize us. We delay, avoid, or find any number of reasons to put off the inevitable. But still it loom’s like an unwanted guest at dinner.

There are many admirable programs funded by the taxes we pay: education, transportation, the military, scientific research, housing, international affairs, Social Security, Medicare and supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. They are also designed to affect our actions: lower greenhouse gasses, retain business operations, encourage hiring practices, alternative energy investments etc. With over 200 years of legislative pork-barreling, rules bristle like a porcupine.

To navigate through the complexity of these rules, most of us seek professional help, the CPA kind of help, although the PhD type can also be needed. We do this to not only ensure it is done correctly, but also to make sure we are maximizing our deductions and our returns. The powerful seem to have endless loopholes that protect them from parting with their money during tax time, while we maze-runners seem to find only locked doors and hefty dues. As a Certified Public Accountant – I’ve seen it all. But that’s why CPA’s exist – to help ensure compliance, effectiveness, and understanding.

Commercial Production Tax incentives are no different. They are the State’s way to encourage and reward behavior for film, television and commercial projects bringing business to the state. With 50 states and varying legislative agenda’s, the rules are in constant flux. That’s why Elite exists – to help Brands navigate this maze, and effectively and safely maximize the potential reward. We are here to help ensure compliance, effectiveness, and understanding.

Elite can help you lower your taxes, or bring money back to your brands, through these incentives. We do it lawfully, effectively and with transparency. Let us handle these taxes. Let us do our job, so you can do yours.