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The Mother of all Days

The Mother of all Days

Some of us are blessed with creativity, some are mathematically gifted, there are those that are athletic and some that have the gift of gab.  The one thing that almost each of us share, is the fact that these gifts were bestowed upon us and nurtured to their fullest by our mothers.


Mother’s are the ones that wiped away our tears, bandaged up our wounds and held our hands and walked us through the complexities of life. They showed us how to be resourceful and take advantage of opportunities that better our situations.  Mothers are our protectors, they are our friends, and they are our most trusted advisors.


As a mother myself, I bring these qualities into my professional life as well.  Everyone at Elite does.  We are here to be your trusted advisors when it comes to production tax credits for your brand.  We show you and your creative teams how to be resourceful in bringing money back to your brands.  We hold your hand and walk you through the complexities of the process.  We will protect you.


Let us bestow the gift of incentives to you.  Your mom would approve.


Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there.  Thank you for your love and guidance.


Hillary and the Elite Team