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North Carolina Commercial Production Incentives

State Incentives
Type of IncentiveGrant
Incentive Amount25%
ResidencyBoth residents and non-residents can qualify
Minimum Spend$250,000
Production Cap$1,000,000 max qualified spend / $250,000 max grant, per production.
Salary Cap$1,000,000 per hire
Annual Cap$31,000,000 per year. Program no longer has a sunset date
Application TimelineProductions must file prior to production, subject to committee approval (Approximately 4 weeks)
Loan-Out RegistrationNo
Loan-Out Withholding4%
CPA AuditYes

North Carolina Film Office


North Carolina grant program heavily favors episodic and longer term productions.  Single commercial projects will, generally, not be awarded.  However, if a  production submits a series of commercials for production (example: 5 productions in a 12 month timeframe) – that type of proposal has been viewed favorably.