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Washington Commercial Production Incentives

State Incentives

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Type of IncentiveRebate
Incentive Amount15 - 25%
ResidencyBoth residents and non-residents can qualify. Non-residents may if >75% of workforce are WA residents. (Qualified non-resident labor excludes PA's, writer, director, producer and talent)
Minimum Spend$150,000 and >85% of production days must be in-state.
Production CapNone
Salary CapNon-resident payroll excluded for individuals paid > $50,000
Annual Cap$3,500,00
Application TimelineApplicants must submit application, and application must be approved prior to production. Once approved, production will be required to sign a grant agreement contract
Loan-Out RegistrationNo
Loan-Out WithholdingNo
CPA AuditNo, but an internal review is required Fee: $2,500

Washington Filmworks


To qualify,  productions must employ a resident WA director, producer or screenwriter.

Producer – The primary individual associated with the production responsible for overseeing the Motion Picture’s financial, business and creative decisions. In evaluating applications, consideration may be given by WF to other parties bearing “producer-type” credits.

Generally, the producer and screenwriter are agency staff positions – leaving only the director as the key to qualifying the production.